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Founders' Card Program


Here at Crimson Hearth, we value our community over everything else. That includes other locally owned businesses in our area, especially those trying to make ends meet during these trying times with the current COVID-19 situation. It’s time we step up as a community in order to help those in need, and right now it’s the small businesses that need our help. We are committed to supporting other small businesses; be it restaurants, coffee shops, or any other local businesses in the same way that our guests have supported us. Our goal is to make sure that not only ourselves, but everyone can come out of this stronger than before. So we are restarting our Founders Card Program, but we will need the community’s help to get there. 

If you purchase a $250.00. Founders Card (which will also act as a gift card) we will not only upload an extra $50.00 to your card but we will also give $20.00 to you every year for your birthday! To continue to give back every time you reload your card with $250.00 we will add an extra 10% to your card. 

But the best part is yet to come! 

We want to give back 10% of our earnings for the Founders Cards back into the community. That is why for every 4 Founders Cards purchased we will then purchase $100.00 worth of gift cards from a local business and raffle them out to our Founders Card purchasers. We feel our mission is to help support and promote other businesses so that we can all thrive together as a community, but we need your help to do so. You can become part of the solution in rebuilding our community from all that has happened this year, and join us in taking care of those that have also helped serve us for so long. Now is the time to give back to those who are working so hard to manage during this time, and now is the time where we as a community can help give back to the local businesses, for they need our help. This is just a small first step for what we have planned ahead.

Founder’s Card Program to Help Other Small Businesses in our Community:

Our Goal: To work together with our customers to help support other local businesses during this time and to reward you joining us on our mission! We want to create a community that works together for the common good. 


What is a Founders’ Card?

Our Founder’s card is a $250.00 card that can be used as a gift card to our restaurant. When you purchase the card an additional $50.00 will be added  as a “thank you” from us. 


Founders’ Card Perks/Rewards:

-An additional $50.00 when you initially purchase your Founders’ Card

-$20.00 added to your card on your birthday

-10% added each time you reload your card to the $250.00 amount. 

-For every 4 Founders’ Cards sold during this time we will purchase $100.00 worth of gift cards from other locally owned small businesses in our community to raffle off to you; our Founders’ Card holders! 

-Current Founders’ Card Members will automatically be included into our raffle giveaways!

-This is our way to help the community during the COVID-19 shutdown. We will continue to evolve in other ways to help serve the community post shutdown with new plans ahead. 

Cards may be purchased in our drive-thru any day between 7am-2pm

Are you a Founder's Card holder? 

Enter your information below so that we can keep you up to date with Founders' Club events and rewards.

Thank You!

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